take me home

rating: g
pairing: platonic!mark/youngjae, hinted!mark/jackson
warnings: minor character death.
summary: it's the nth wedding mark's attending and not getting married at, and it's starting to grate on him just a bit- that is, until he meets a little ball of sunshine by the name of choi youngjae.
notes: I rethought my life choices on this one. it was a great experience, but sad to say, I didn't learn much.

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opportunity cost

rating: g
pairing: platonic!jinyoung/yugyeom, jinyoung/jaebum
warnings: got7 corporate!au. fear me
summary: kim yugyeom, 25, is PA to park jinyoung, 29, feared ceo of park powers (this sounds marginally less ridiculous in korean). he works twelve hour shifts, has to deal with nosy reporters and distraught HR managers, and then, of course, there's jinyoung, which automatically makes everything simultaneously worse and better. yugyeom likes to convince himself that the money's the only reason he's bothering to stick around.
notes: birthday present for the precious shell lahdeedah000!!! if anyone has ever read my yugbam corporate au before, be forewarned, this one is ten times worse. as in a hundred times fluffier. also it has zero substance and no one dies. beware.

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(can't stop) drinking about you

rating: pg
pairing: jackson/yugyeom
warnings: mentions of drug abuse
summary: jackson wang, face (and loudspeaker) of fraternity delta chi psi, is dared to ask out cute, unassuming and unknown freshman kim yugyeom. but then things take a turn for the unexpected, and jackson realises belatedly that he may have bitten off more than he can chew. got7 college!au

notes: a lot crackier than it sounds. really. uhm would like to thank
nini and a precious shell for helping with the plotting and betaing of this because there were like 15 times it was going to crash and burn and I am very thankful for my wonderful friends. this contains my starry-eyed, scornful interpretation of wild american colleges and may (will) (not) be entirely (in)accurate. thank you for reading <3

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deleted scenes

so I actually have a document full of scenes I've taken out of fics, just in case I want to re-add them back in later (it's happened before, and that time I didn't bother keeping the scene somewhere so I had to rewrite it T.T), and I happened to stumble upon it again while compiling the year-end review eyy \o/ there's lots of stuff in there, so I thought hey!! it'd be fun to post some of it over!!

(also because i worked hard on those scenes damnnit)

so ye they're just going to be here, feel free to peruse ey \o/

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