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pairing: platonic!junhoe/yunhyung, ot9
rating: g
word count: 2.6k
a/n: written because of this and this and because yunhyung is a 4D cutie. also because there are close to no ikon fics about members other than the golden trio and this needs to be remedied fast /preps AED and syringe

This is all Hanbin’s fault. Really. If he hadn’t ordered them all to pair up and take turns in the studio to try a hand at the composing software, Junhoe might be at home sprawled out on his bed after a really nice hot shower right now. And while being in the same bedroom as the two pronounced geniuses of the group and subsisting under their greatness isn’t exactly ideal (few things ever are in Junhoe’s opinion, to be honest) it certainly beats this.


“Try the one on the right,” Yunhyung orders lazily from somewhere behind him, where he’s probably lounging like a hooker on the rather lavish studio couch that Hanbin had gotten as a gift from management, probably to encourage him to spend more sleepless nights doing slave labour here. Yunhyung’s apparently taken it upon himself to bring backseat driving to a whole new level, because he’s watching everything Junhoe’s clicking over his shoulder and criticising freely at opportune moments. Sometimes Junhoe wonders why he even puts up with this.

“Look, why don’t you come here and-…”

“I’m tired~,” Yunhyung whines, and Junhoe can literally hear him kicking around on the sofa, upending cushions and comforters. Brat. “Do it. By order of hyung.”

Some hyung, Junhoe thinks, but clicks the soundtrack anyway. The sound of explosive dissonant music makes them both crack up though, and the music is quickly drowned in the sound of snorting and wheezing.

Both of them have long finished with poking around the application and grasping the ropes of composing (Junhoe has the steam power of an ox when it comes to gritting his teeth and following orders and yeah, maybe Yunhyung’s enthusiasm had helped, maybe) and had quickly and grudgingly fulfilled the leader’s threatening order to jolly well compose something before you think about stepping out of here (it’s a song about the exotic shape of Hanbin’s nostrils and how he should be less gay with Jiwon and Jinhwan-hyung), but it’s an hour till the time Donghyuk and Jinhyung had left the studio the previous night, so they’ve been reduced to lazily mixing tracks and recordings of rude bodily noises while they wait till they’re allowed to go home.

Junhoe had decided to hack into Hanbin’s account about half an hour earlier after a few eons of boredom, and now, after some very planned and concentrated effort on both boys’ parts, they’ve managed to transform most of his half-finished songs into masterpieces.

Junhoe snorts again when he replays the section where he’d replaced the bass drum with a recording of Yunhyung burping into the mike. Somewhere along the way, Yunhyung had very deftly managed to add in the lyrics of Wrecking Ball and Bang Bang to the beat of Hanbin’s latest piano ballad, and Junhoe had set a sound clip of Hanbin screaming about a bug to play on loop in the background.

Hanbin’s so going to quarter and burn them and paint his skin with their ashes.

“Junhoe! Junhoe!” Yunhyung starts giggling again, like he always does when he’s struck with inspiration on yet another way to torture his dongsaengs, as he struggles to get up from the couch. “Put the original tracks in a folder labelled “Jinhwan’s Pants”. Then he’ll have to get into Jinhwan’s pants to save his music, get it?”

“You’re so lame, hyung,” Junhoe scoffs, grinning, but he does it anyway. Yunhyung does a victory dance, seal-clapping as he thumps back down on the sofa, wiggling in joy at the thought of an angry murderous Hanbin.

Junhoe turns around in the swivel chair once he’s done, slumped down with total disregard for the state of his spine, and watches Yunhyung reclining on the lush sofa, looking extremely satisfied with himself.

“You think he’ll get angry, though?” Junhoe considers after a moment, and Yunhyung makes a face.

“Uhm, duh, we kinda just deformed his life’s works,” he laughs, as though the thought makes him happy. “But he’ll get all his tracks back once he finds Jinhwan’s Pants, though, so it’s all good.”

“Huh,” Junhoe’s thinking about chores and how much more of them Hanbin might make them do once he finds out what they’ve done to his songs, but right now, tucked in the safety of the studio with a very content partner-in-crime, he feels invincible (enough to regret it later, anyway) so he doesn’t give it much more thought.

It’s about ten more minutes of being bored out of their minds before Yunhyung worms a little further onto the sofa, stretching out like a cat and smooshing his face into a pretty leopard print cushion.

“Yah,” Junhoe mutters, poking his hyung’s thigh with a toe. “Don’t fall asleep, you’re too heavy to carry home.”

“You’d carry me?” Yunhyung perks up, bright-eyed demeanour resembling an excited kitten by a rather disturbing extent.

“I just said-…”

Ohh, I knew you loved me June,” Yunhyung cackles, fly-leaping into Junhoe and nearly tipping them both out of the chair.

“Angh,” Junhoe says, trying to push him off. Some things, like broken swivel chairs, and unlike music soundtracks, can’t be repaired in time to escape the wrath of overstressed leaders, and Junhoe really doesn’t feel like suffering a violent death anytime soon. “-off.”

Yunhyung responds by tumbling off the chair onto his feet, dragging them both backwards onto the couch, and they end up in a mess of tangled limbs and cushions and breathy laughter.

Junhoe, after some difficulty, extricates enough of himself to peel off of Yunhyung, but this action proves to have been done completely in vain when the older boy drags him back down about 0.45 seconds later, before wrapping himself around the grumpy maknae like a delighted octopus.

“Sleep with me,” Yunhyung says brightly, and Junhoe really falls off the couch then.

Yunhyung’s howling with laughter like a hyena and Junhoe’s rubbing the back of his head where it’d hit the coffee table leg and swearing because damnnit, that really hurt, hyung, as he throws his adorable hyung an utterly peeved look, which just amps up the laughter, to the point Yunhyung’s wheezing breathlessly and rolling around on the sofa.

“So cute, June,” Yunhyung coos, reaching down to pinch his cheek, and Junhoe bats his hand away sulkily. “Really, though. We’re wasting our youth here. If we nap here first, we might actually get six hours of sleep tonight! C’mon, all we need to do is set an alarm to wake us up when we can leave!”

Junhoe regards him suspiciously. Damn, a nap does sound tempting when he puts it like that.

“This is Hanbin-hyung’s fault,” he mutters (more convincing himself than anything), as he pushes himself up to go shut down the computer.

“Exactly,” Yunhyung’s already happily arranging comforters and pillows (from the Ghost of Hanbin’s Sleepless Nights Past) to form some semblance of a bed, before thumping down. “Wow, this couch is comfy. Management’s biased as heck.”

“I dunno about that, we’re not the confirmed members, as far as I know,” Junhoe mutters, mouth on autopilot as he closes the programs and erases all evidence of them messing up Hanbin’s tracks. “I’d say they’re just making an investment on whatever’ll give them the most returns.”

He only realises what he’s said when he finally clumsily shut down the Mac, and realises Yunhyung hasn’t said a single thing since.

“Hyung?” Junhoe blinks into the dimness of the studio, eyes adjusting from the brightness of the computer screen. He wonders how Hanbin and Jiwon put up with this on a daily basis.

Yunhyung is curled in the comforter, staring at the ceiling, suddenly looking very small and very lost in the mess of blankets on the giant couch, and Junhoe feels oddly empty looking at that, like the sight of it unbalances whatever tiny bit of stability they’ve all got left here.

“Hyung?” he repeats, and this brings Yunhyung’s wide-eyed gaze over to him, still hollow and wondering and it makes him want to reach out to thin air and grasp the old Yunhyung, the one who makes aegyo faces into the window and guards his lip balm with his life and tapes CDs to the ceiling light, and hold him down with the rest of them before he floats away.

It feels like an eternity passes in the seconds that tick by, silence eased only by the whir of the air-conditioning and the rustle of fabric.

“What’ll happen to us, Junhoe-ah?” Junhoe hates it when Yunhyung speaks softly. That way he can hear the weight of the fear behind every syllable like a ball full of needles, each word driving the ball deeper into his mind.

“Don’t think about it,” blunt replies are all, have been all, that Junhoe’s able to manage, and maybe it’s the lack of sugar coating in his tone, the absence of sympathy and pity and saccharine assurance, that relights something in Yunhyung’s eyes.

Junhoe wonders if Yunhyung understands that he doesn’t feel sorry for him, not after what had happened in the collaboration battle. He wonders if Yunhyung understands that Junhoe doesn’t feel sorry for any of them.

Because Junhoe doesn’t feel sorry for people- he either understands them or he has nothing to do with them. And Junhoe understands Yunhyung.

He understands with every fibre of being what it’s like to fail. He understands what it’s like to lose to someone who’d put in barely a tenth of the effort you did, someone who’d joined the group barely a few months ago. He’s tasted that defeat, spit it out of his mouth and swore to himself that he’d never taste it again.

Junhoe’d learned a year ago, amidst another death battle with another set of brothers in another stupid survival show, that being sorry did little for anyone. Junhoe’d learned that hard work counted for close to nothing without talent, and the same applied vice versa. The heart of the Goo Junhoe had been sandpapered down through the acidity of bitter fangirls’ words and the cold judgement of sunbaes to the bone, to the core, and the time for sympathy was long past.

Junhoe doesn’t pity the people he loves. He grabs them by the wrist and drags them through to the finish line, obstinate, unwavering and merciless. And if they die, he moves on, forgets their names, blinks the imprint of their face away from the inside of his eyelids, because this is the way the world works, and he’s long learned to roll with the punches or be beaten to death.

“Don’t think about it,” he says again, words barely going through his mind before they’re out of his mouth, because that’s the way he operates. That’s the way he’ll live and die. “You’ll go crazy if you think about it. You’re here now. You’re with us. You’ve still got tomorrow and the day after and the day after that to work harder. It’s not over yet.”

Yunhyung lets out a noise that sounds somewhere between a laugh and a sob. This is the point where words fail them, because vocabulary hasn’t been developed to describe something like this yet. This is something expressed through hours of unrelenting dance practice, skipped meals and three hours of sleep, and vocal training to the point they can’t speak.

This is something they both know.

So when Junhoe toes off his shoes and lifts the blanket to crawl under, Yunhyung shifts to accommodate him, both moving perfectly in tandem. It’s as though they’re performing a routine only the two of them know, only this time it’s away from the stage, away from the screams and the prying eyes, and both of them are creating another step of choreography as they go, because they know, they know and they’ve accepted this to be the only way out of it alive.

“Our little June is so wise,” Yunhyung says eventually, after what feels like an eternity of lying huddled under the sheets in the dim light, and though he says it with a degree of sarcasm, Junhoe wonders if that’s sincerity he hears in his hyung’s voice. If he thinks it is, he doesn’t comment. Not now.

Little,” he rolls his eyes instead, curling an arm around Yunhyung’s waist and eliciting a faint giggle.

“No matter what, you’ll always be our grumpy baby June, you know that, don’t you?” Yunhyung snickers, and Junhoe vindictively reaches under the hem of Yunhyung’s shirt to pinch a bit of skin, causing the other boy to squeal, thrashing with laughter under the blanket.

Neither of them remember to set that alarm before they fall asleep minutes later.


Junhoe wakes up to the faint sound of giggles and cameras. He jerks awake, worried for a moment that he’d fallen asleep at a practice session or worse, at a fan event.

Then he sees Donghyuk’s giant ugly gleeful face and groans.

Donghyuk skips away once an angry Junhoe reaches out to bat his phone from his hands, holding the device above his head like a prize and doing a victory dance once he’s out of reach, like the brat he is. But then Junhoe notices the entire group of people standing in the doorway and forgets Donghyuk for a second.

Hanbin looks like someone just made him drink a cup of vinegar and it’d gone up his nose, and Jiwon looks amused, if anything. Jinhwan’s a bit further behind them, desperately attempting to shield both Chanwoo’s and Jinhyung’s curious eyes, and he can see the top of Hongseok’s beanie bobbing from behind the general crowd as he tries to tiptoe and ask what’s going on.

Junhoe takes one of the many cushions scattered across the sofa and flings it across the room. It hits Donghyuk square in the face, and the fake maknae squawks indignantly. Jinhyung laughs from behind Jinhwan’s protective hand.

“Both of you. Up. Now,” Hanbin seems to be attempting to avoid cardiac arrest, and Junhoe would laugh if he didn’t remember the octopus currently imprisoning him to the sofa.

He attempts to move- really, he does, and Yunhyung, damnnit, Yunhyung, just tightens his grip around Junhoe, yawning, and he could’ve sworn he’d seen a stupid smug smirk on those lips a second ago.

“Hyung,” he attempts, but all it does is make Yunhyung snuggle closer against his chest, deliberately, he swears, eliciting delighted crows from Donghyuk, more desperate attempts from Jinhwan to protect innocent eyes and the general sounds of asphyxiation from Hanbin.

“I’m leaving, man, this is like straight up voyeurism,” Jiwon raises his hands in mock surrender, sniggering when Junhoe throws him a dirty look, still attempting to peel Yunhyung off him.

“I wanna see-…” Chanwoo whines, and Jinhwan proceeds to attempt to forcibly remove both of them from the room, a notable feat for someone about half a head shorter than all eight of them.

“Stop being happy and help me, you little brat,” Junhoe growls across the room at Donghyuk, who puffs out his chest.

“I am your hyung-…”

“By like three seconds,” Junhoe scoffs, cutting off Donghyuk’s protest of two months and-… “Now help me get him off.”

Yunhyung finally gives up and sleeping act and starts up recurring whining protests of “No! Don’t wanna!” as Jiwon recruits Hongseok to go over and help bodily remove him from Junhoe, while Donghyuk delightedly documents the entire thing on his phone. It’s only when the sound of the Mac starting up reverberates through the tiny room, as Hanbin checks on his precious computer, that Yunhyung suddenly goes rigid.

Junhoe barely gets a second to relish the hybrid of realisation and horror and fury dawning upon Hanbin’s face (and that’s only because he’s seen all the creative new names that Yunhyung’s given his tracks, wait till he actually hears what they’ve done to them) before Yunhyung springs up from the couch, giggling madly, Junhoe’s hand gripped tightly in his, and Junhoe’s suddenly glad that Donghyuk’s recording this so they can laugh about it later. Everything recedes into a blur as Yunhyung proceeds to drag Junhoe to plow through the wall of surprised boys and tear along down the corridor outside to temporary safety, giggling climbing several octaves as Hanbin’s roar echoes through the building, the entire of Seoul and the Earth.


a/n: pssst if you spell it as junhoe and take yunhyung's nickname yoyo you have the ship name yohoe like how cool is that


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Oct. 31st, 2014 12:21 pm (UTC)
omg omg omg im halfway done but i got to go argh this is so cute ACTUALLY SILENT SCREAMING
Nov. 1st, 2014 02:28 am (UTC)

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Oct. 31st, 2014 12:24 pm (UTC)
oh my god. oh my fucking god this fic WAS SO HILARIOUS WHEEZES I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING OH MY GOD i laughed so hard all the way through reading this

and then it just went so sad-fluff in the middle and now i have fluff-tears in my eyes and what have you done to me what are you doing to my life this wasn't supposed to happen ohlkfdjg;sfj;sldkf;lada soBS ONTO YOUR... VIRTUAL.... T-SHIRT OR SOMETHING.......

AND OH MY GOD i could literally just quote everything in this fic because the one-liners... there wERE SO MANY FUck gfdk la;slda i'm crying my life is over you've written the best team b fic on the planet bye

adding to the fact that there's no fic outside of the golden trio spectrum you're basically an angel disguised behind a livejournal username

also omg.... the friendship between june and yunhyung is the Most Adorable Thing ever and i'm still. i'm going to be crying for eight years about the Jinhwan's Pants line. honestly i'm just crying all over twitter rn about how hilarious this fic is

and like. the part in the middle where it was just. comfort and i just got so emotional because i think about this so much and nooooooooo sobs what are words rn i'm trying to say something about this but idk what words okay just know that i'm just. tears.

but tl;dr marry me you're amazing keep writing thank you for adding to ikonfic dot lj dot come because reasons
Oct. 31st, 2014 12:25 pm (UTC)


i just
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Oct. 31st, 2014 12:32 pm (UTC)

ok i just want to say that i check ikonfic religiously every morning and night and seeing this on the comm just made my heart thump and my eyes light up and i made a screeching sound so if you heard this uM HAPPY HALLOWEEN idk what i'm even saying

but oh my goodness, you just captured yunhyung in the most amazing way; he has this ridiculous variety sense and 4d nature and you got that all down and i am so amazed by the way that you wrote his interactions with giant maknae bratface june because it felt so in character and lovely ;3; i want to say thank you so much because this was so hilarious and made me so happy AND THEN SUDDENLY THERE WAS SADNESS and i had flashbacks to episode 6 gklajskajslj but then things were ok and donghyuk is truly a demon under the guise of his angel face and voice lbr

just. thank you so much! i absolutely loved this and am going to roll around in it forever and look forward to anything else you will write for the fandom in the future <33333
Nov. 1st, 2014 02:27 am (UTC)

cRIES THANK YOU OMG??? yes SAME i check this every day with hopes to see new fic and after an unbearable wait i decided to be the change i wanted to see in the world.

/whispers/ but nothing's gonna beat your ot3 cuddlefic pls i was comatose for a week after that from the cute

HAPPY HALLOWEEN. i hope this can be as good as candy ;A; CRIES YES yunhyung is just so precious i cannot even likE FRICK i never noticed him in WIN (because team a /nervous laughter/) but LIKE in MnM I was like who??? is??? that??? and why haven't i noticed him before??? AND GIANT MAKNAE BRAT JUNE yes cries this is just how I felt their dynamic would be like omg T.T

(donghyuk's actually the brat overlord of ikon but shhhh he might off us if he knows we know his secret)

CRIES THANK YOU OMG <3 hearteu ;A: you know it's the same here right im literally sitting in the ikonfic comm with my sleeping bag waiting for u to post again
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Nov. 1st, 2014 03:59 am (UTC)
this is soooo cute but also really made me think a lot about how much they've all gone though and i sort of just ;_______; my feelings about junhwe and yunhyeong are that they're such bros and i love that you explored junhwe's personality here (because he's so precious to me i'm just)

i love team b/ikon fic so much and i love that you had everyone here and n_____n

(also still giggling at hanbin having to get into jinhwan's pants)
Nov. 2nd, 2014 01:58 am (UTC)
yes omg because they've all just been forced to take so much and it's so unfair ;A; i just want them all to be happy ughH but i want ot9 at the same time?

yes the dynamic between the two of them is just so ;A; and tbh though yunhyung's my favourite i just can't help but think junhwe's personality is so important??? like because he's maknae and this grumpy indifferent shit who's actually also maknae because of that trEASURE HUNT GIF AUGH but he's again also rly proud and severe?? ugh i just can't with ikon my heart is just gone

cRIES OT9 sigh im sorry for ot9 ramblings but </3 (hehehe that was also important)
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Nov. 2nd, 2014 01:03 pm (UTC)

THANK YOU OMG im glad i could make you happy ;A; cries happy is a foreign word when it comes to ot14 and all the crap they're made to go through cries

crrIES THAT PART I WAS LIKE HMM SHOULD I MAKE THEM- but then nahhh let's keep this nice and friendly and sweet. i'll probably succumb in the future though ;A; sigh someone save me


cries thank you for cuddling with this fic the fic tells me it loves you please accept its love

Nov. 2nd, 2014 10:30 am (UTC)
CRYING WHERE DO I START um okay hi this is rly cute ;;
i love how bratty junhoe is in here and omg soft spot for yunhyeong's 4D and i literally couldn't stop laughing while reading this fic your descriptions are so on point and omg at the binhwan lmao get into jinhwan's pants HAHAHAHA (too bad hanbin's a pussy smh) buT UGH I REALLY LOVED THIS!!! the dynamics are wonderful, the characterization is so on point and i have always loved this pairing! ;A; this is so cute you deserve an award and also a hug *hugs*

THIS MADE MY DAY AND LIFE thanks so much for this cute fic ;;
Nov. 2nd, 2014 01:11 pm (UTC)
omg thank you?? ;A; yoyo is cute by default his cute just manifested a little here

YES bratty maknaes are the best cries why like got7 and winner AND ikon (but if chanwoo is in final 7 that might change) (CRIES I SUDDENLY REMEMBERED FINAL SEVEN UGH WHY BRAIN) sigh yes. like idk for junhoe it's not like he works particularly hard to control the other members but he's just rly confident in speaking with them and stuff?? and he honestly has this idgaf aura 24/7 cries omg june. and YUN BABY his 4D is just so perfect cries.

omg thank you for saying that ;A; cries i was afraid abt that tbh seeing as i just got to know ikon properly like not too long ago??? YES hanbin wants into jinhwan's pants but doesn't know how to get there sigh someone needs to push him /cough/bobby/cough/

omg /hugs back/ thank you cries everything you said was so nice omg you're so nice this is not real otl i don't deserve all this nice ;; thank you so much <3 /showers you with cookies/
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Nov. 4th, 2014 11:46 am (UTC)
Nov. 4th, 2014 06:13 am (UTC)
oh god this is so sweet (and then it got a little heartbreaking BUT THE ENDING MADE IT SWEET AGAIN) ;; i loved how you wrote junhoe and yunhyung (and the snuggliness and the cuddles guh i'm a sucker for those)~

you did such an amazing job with this fic, thank you for writing it! ; u ;
Nov. 4th, 2014 11:50 am (UTC)
omg thank you! that's so nice of you to say! >////< cries yes i felt these boys deserved justice after all the crap they'd been made to go through in evil survival show ;A; and omg yes same snuggliness and cuddles are my weakness /clutches chest/ and idk i just feel the dynamic between junhoe and yunhyung has so much to be explored?

omggg that means a lot, thank /you/ so much for commenting! <333 ;A;
(Deleted comment)
Nov. 4th, 2014 11:52 am (UTC)
whispers it's ok to cry because papa yg collects our tears and uses them in black magic to ensure the success of his artists

/wipes your tears

/starts crying cos evil survival show
Nov. 4th, 2014 05:50 pm (UTC)
AWESOME. *_______* This was so cute i was giggling nearly the entire time. Omg thank you so much for writing this! I love that you kinda wrote it from Junhoe's point of view, which was spot on btw, I could nearly hear his grumpy voice narrating it, especially when he got woken up by Donghyuk's "ugly" face XD And then Jinhwan trying to hide the maknaes' eyes like a mini mama bear! I love it so much TT . I hope you write more gen in the future--your sense of humor is just lovely~ X)
Nov. 9th, 2014 05:16 am (UTC)
omg thank you!! ^.^ cries thank you for that, i'm so prone to ooc cries so that's so relieving to hear. thank you for this lovely comment! you'd better write more too kay? :P hehe let the ikon fic comm grow \o/
Nov. 8th, 2014 05:21 pm (UTC)
omg I absolutely looped that gif of yunhyung dragging junhoe away like 50x before starting your fic to ~get in the mood~ and then I had to loop it like 50x again after because your fic was soooooo cute >___Hanbin had gotten as a gift from management, probably to encourage him to spend more sleepless nights doing slave labour here.</i> lmmmmao (thru my tears tho bc it's true…), I LOVE THE SPECTER OF BOSSMAN HANBIN IN THE ROOM, this hilarious impossible assigned task of composing, and then yunhyung and junhwe's NERDY KID PRANKS ON HANBIN LOL. ahh your yunhyung and junhwe are both so charming, yunhyung is appropriately sweet and 4d, junhwe prickly but ultimately a good kid, handling yunhyung so well ;~~;

LOL THE LAST PART IS THE BEST, waking up to donghyuk's ugly glee lmao and jinhwan covering chanwoo and jinhyung's eyes ahhhhh this was so cute, thank you for writing it~
Nov. 9th, 2014 05:14 am (UTC)
omg thank you??? yes hehehehe that gif was my favourite cries, literally what dragged me into this pairing sigh ;A; cries yes the boys rly need some rest after all this crap they're made to go through seriously :(((

HAHAHA SPECTER OF BOSSMAN HANBIN CRIES thank you for the exceptional name, yES ahehe cos I can see him like pushing them to achieve excellence in everything including composing?? AND YES pranks cries because yunhyung is a cheeky little shit and junhoe enjoys making his hyungs suffer so it works out

;A; thank you for saying that, ahaha I was a little nervous abt characterisation because I don't know that much about them yet? cries i'm thankful it worked out phew thank you! this comment was so nice to read cries i reread it over and over again <3 thank you once more~!!
Nov. 9th, 2014 04:08 pm (UTC)
SO CUTE i'm gonna combust, your style is so fun and flows well and everything was hilarious
Nov. 17th, 2014 03:15 am (UTC)
thank you so much for this comment! :3 i'm glad you found it nice! ahehe <3
Nov. 10th, 2014 01:07 pm (UTC)
where do i start i am SO EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW

yoyo trolling the members is so him, i can imagine him literally wiggling and rolling on the floor laughing about his own genius tbh. and jinhwan's pants, uh, /yes/

but then it went from being so lighthearted and cute to like...soul crushing realness? but it was so natural, like when you laugh too hard and then suddenly there's a lull and the contrast makes you sober up so fast. like when you remember the yunhyeong who hides in closets to scare his members and then you think of the yunhyeong who's biting his lip and looking insecure and childlike and worried when he's waiting for the judges comments, or for hanbin to come back. how he kinda quietly takes care of people, almost too quietly, so that you never see it really, but you sense it in how he interacts with everyone. how he tries to keep the mood up but then all of a sudden just looks really scared and sad. oh my god i just made myself even more sad. i am so sad right now. so. sad. you have given me so many feelings. thank you. seriously. thank you.

and then junhwe!!!! having no sympathy, no pity, for the people he loves and respects, because they deserve better than that - he won't waste time on those kinds of feelings when he'll drag them to the top with him, because even when he's being bratty and obnoxious, he loves his members so much. you've really brought out the complexity in his character here and it's done beautifully - like, seriously, wow, i love your junhwe - i think you've been really true to the kind of persona he presents on screen while delving deeper into what might motivate the way he behaves, and how he might seem kind of brash and selfish but that it's his own way of making sure he and his team members get through this. and he knows what he wants and he knows who he cares for and he's unapologetic about it.

and being caught sleeping together ;D and jinhwan nobly protecting the innocence of his members even though he's "about half a head shorter than all eight of them"...the thought of this makes my heart squish

and donghyuk being like “I am your hyung-…” uhm nice try but no

ALSO "GRUMPY BABY JUNE" YES YES YES YES exactly oh my gosh, giant baby child june <3 <3

okay i am emotionally exhausted but thank you for writing this, you are incredible and so is yohoe
Nov. 17th, 2014 03:33 am (UTC)
cRIES THANK YOU??? omg long comments are the reason for my existence cries bless you wonderful person /fans you/

yes yoyo the troll was the main reason I wrote this cries because diD YOU SEE HIM taping the cd to the ceiling like he looked so proud of himself i just couldn't

omg your comment just gave me feels, like /yes/ that's the exact reason why I wrote this?? there are so many sides to yunhyung and he just </3 AND YES though he seems like a cheeky carefree person he's just so good at taking care of people too?? like how he broke the ice with chanwoo and jinhyung and was so comfortable with them from the start, but at the same time he disciplined them during practice and made sure they worked hard so they could achieve their best? And FRICK like during the room selection you could tell both chanwoo and jinhyung wanted to room with yunhyung (they both went to the room that yunhyung said he'd be choosing, and jinhyung was calling out "hyung, hyung" the moment he stepped in) and likE YOU CAN TELL HOW ATTAChed THEY'VE BECOME TO HIM because of how comfortable and safe he makes them feel?? cRIESSS. and cries thank you for those lovely words! yes junhwe's such an interesting and complex character and tbh this was also for me to kind of get down everything about his persona and figure him out?? and yep hehe it feels like he's the kind of person who doesn't waste time on words- he sort of has this tough love aura abt him?? i just wanted to explore that somehow ahaha cries YES JINHWAN THE SHORTY cries but also being the responsible hyung and dONGHYUK ahaha he can be a little shit sometimes but he's also sensitive and sweet and precious and basically i don't know what to make of a lot of them CRIES NO YOU ARE INCREDIBLE and yes yohoe is excellent and i hope we get more of it sobs
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